21 October 2009

Another Witch Cover

Had another 'Witch's Companion' cover illustration for Llewellyn for the upcoming 2011 edition. Very similar in look to the other two I had done for the 2010 and the 2008 editions.
I also had another Barrons illustration assignment this week, pictured below.

19 October 2009

Mid October Round Up

A sampling of projects from the past week or so. The one above and below were both for Barrons, one on banking regulations, and another on corporate whistle blowers. Below that, I had a rush job for the Wall Street Journal on Friday, and finally, a small spot for the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier last week.

14 October 2009

Stylistic Grab-bag

Been all over the place this week with regards to illustration style, and it's been a nice break from all the scratchboards from last week. The illustration above was for US Catholic, using a pastel technique. The illustration below was for Farm Futures magazine last weekend, and I ended up mixing numerous tools and techniques from my digital toolbox to pull it off.

I was also asked to provide a color version of a tee shirt design I did last week, and mixed a number of techniques both in Painter and in Photoshop to get to the result below.

I also had another health care spot for the Wall Street Journal, this one about the health benefits of 'fish oil'.

There's more, but I'll wait and post some of them next week.

09 October 2009

Pirates Pirates Pirates

Spent a goodly portion of this week working on a series of illustrations for an adaptation of Treasure Island for National Geographic School Publishing. This project has been on the docket for about two months, most of it in a holding pattern awaiting sketch approvals. This was a fun and challenging project, but very time consuming. I've posted all the illustrations (not in chronological order), and if you click on the smaller version, you can see a more detailed view.

The rest I'm going to post in thumbnail form, and you can see the larger detailed version by clicking on the small icons.

08 October 2009

Pirate Week

Been totally immersed in the 'Treasure Island' project for National Geographic this week. A lot of long days and evenings, but the project is getting near the finish line, and I should be done with the final two illustrations tomorrow. By a strange coincidence, I also had a small tee shirt design project for a local theater production this week, ... for a high school presentation of 'Treasure Island'. I'll probably be posting samples from the larger project sometime this weekend, and then taking a well deserved nap.

03 October 2009

Charts Charts Charts

Seemed to be a theme over the latter part of the week, charts, charts and more charts.

The illustration above was for the Wall Street Journal, and had something to do with 'global markets', and the three charts below were for the Chronicle of Higher Education to accompany an article about 'polling results'. Interesting change of pace from the usual. Also interesting in the fact, that in most cases, chart projects tend to convey specific information, but in this case, these charts are merely window dressing, with no statistical content whatsoever.

Going to be a busy week coming up, as I finally got the ok on the 'Treasure Island' project. So, stay tuned next week for 'Pirates Pirates Pirates'