14 September 2009

Die Verdächtigen

Since around mid-July I've been working on a board game project for a client in Helsinki. This was similar to a game I did earlier in the year, but retooled for the German market. Where the previous project was set in Helsinki around 1934, this one was set in Dresden around 1930. Many of the basic concepts and designs were the same, aside from some different characters, buildings, borders, details and color schemes. There will no doubt be some revisions to this before it gets to the finish line, but most of the work has been done. You can click on the images of the cover and board to see larger versions of each.

And, like the previous board game, there were the additional bits and pieces. Game tokens, starting place cards (each with a picture of a particular Dresden landmark), character cards, and a rules/story booklet with 6 illustrations of scenes from the 'mystery' (2 of which are pictured above).

From what I hear, the original game took 3rd place at the 'game of the year' competition in Finland and here's the link to the official site (and an additional link to the game description page).

There are now rumors that this may continue in other markets in Europe, so I may be doing a few more of these next spring for a couple other cities.


Erin said...

Um - no way. I had no idea that you were this incredibly talented! Would you ever consider taking on the illustration of Jameson? What would you charge for such an undertaking?

gmbudt said...

These are truly amazing. I am stunned. Congrats!