12 September 2009

Back to School

Well, that was a quick summer, and now that Labor Day has come and gone, we are now well into the first week of 'back to school season'. My son has returned to Chicago to start his sophomore year at Columbia, and meanwhile I am back hard at work trying to help pay for it. I am still working on a few ongoing large projects, but the board game project is getting near completion, and the 'pirate' project has yet to be given the 'go ahead', so I should be pretty busy for the next couple weeks at least. In the meantime, the short term projects continue to insinuate themselves into the cracks and mortar of my work week. The illustration above was one I completed earlier this week for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I also had a few Wall Street Journal assignments later in the week. (below)

This assignment for the WSJ on Thursday (on Employment and Relocation) was a rush job in which I was asked to provide two different sizes, not sure if it was because of how the international edition would end up using it, or if maybe they weren't sure what size would be available come deadline time. The next day I was contacted with another set of 'icon' illustrations. This assignment was a set of four small spots on broad topics (housing, credit, taxes & investing) for an article and chart on how each was shaping up in the current economy.

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Erin said...

Hey - I had no idea you were so talented. My head must have been elsewhere during Woody!! I hope you don't mind, but I've added your blog to mine, so that others can enjoy your awesome work.

Would you ever consider illustrating Jameson? How much would you charge for such an endeavor?