10 July 2009


A few projects for the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks, but work continues to be rather slow this summer. Fortunately, I have been keeping busy with side projects, and a few larger projects which are currently in the works. The illustration above was another for the 'health care' column that I've been illustrating since 2002, this one on 'invisible' hearing aids. Below was a rather tricky illustration on 'target date funds'.

The local theater production of "Woody Guthrie's American Song" (cast photo from the first number in the show pictured above, and that's me with the guitar) with which I am involved continues through the first half of July, and we've been very busy with preparations and promotions. Singing the national anthem at the local minor league ballpark on the fourth was a lot of fun (pictured left), and the show has opened this week to appreciative audiences and a good review in the paper. It's been a lot of fun working with this talented cast, and in appreciation I worked up a number of 'thank you buttons' to hand out as gifts, and redrew the 'Woody portrait' that I had done for the tee shirts in a small size for that format. (pictured below)

I got a photo preview of how the 'presidents' are being used for that upcoming 'wooden block' project, and I'm continuing to put together a promotional postcard using all these presidential portraits that I did last month (will post that design when I get it completed). Work has also begun on another large board game project for my client in Helsinki, and I should have some samples of these illustrations in the coming months.

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