30 June 2009

Woody (and the last of the presidents)

Worked up another tee shirt design this morning for the Woody Guthrie show that I'm involved with through Heritage Theater. These will be sold as souvenir tee shirts in the lobby during the show's run. This was a leftover design from the 'cast tee shirts' that I worked on a few weeks ago.

Additionally, I've finally worked my way through the last of the president portraits for the upcoming wooden block project. As I said before, I'm thinking of using these for a promo postcard this summer, and will post the design for that in a few days.

29 June 2009

Would you believe... more Presidents?

Continuing to work my way through the 44 presidential portraits for an upcoming wooden toy block project, and starting to get very near the finish line with this project, with only 5 more to go. Thinking that if I combined these into a single image, and colorized them, it might make a nice self promo postcard for this summer.

Additionally, over the weekend, I had an interesting challenge from my Hong Kong client. They wanted a portrait for a cover illustration done in the style of Japanese 'Manga' - the tricky part was in both capturing a likeness of the subject while adhering to the stylistic constraints.

26 June 2009

And More Presidents

Continuing to work my way through the presidents for an upcoming 'wooden blocks' project. So far, the hardest ones have been the 'C' presidents, Carter, Clinton, and now Coolidge (took me three attempts to get Coolidge right). Also, getting to the point in the list where I've got several 'bearded' presidents in a row. Why don't we get presidents with facial hair anymore? I think Obama needs to grow a goatee.

Earlier this week, I had another project for the Miami Herald, this one on the effect that the health care reforms may have on Florida's economy.

25 June 2009

Yet More Presidential Dudes

Work is starting to show signs of picking back up again, after a two or three week dry spell, but I'm continuing on with the Presidential portraits whenever I have a little spare time during the workday.

On wednesday, I had a rush job of 4 small spots for the Wall Street Journal, as a way of explaining the 'vanilla mortgage' concept. (pictured below) - the 4 concepts were as follows, left to right: "underwriting process", "structure", "other tools (online mortgage calculators)", "disclosures"

24 June 2009

Even More Presidents

Over half done with the presidents, and starting to jump around with regards to chronological order, just to keep things interesting to me and help keep the style consistent across the board. As I've said before in previous entries, these are for an upcoming 'presidential wooden blocks set' that has actually been put on hold, but since the workload has been sort of light the past few weeks, I've started to go ahead with them just to keep busy, and possibly get a jump on upcoming schedule difficulties.

The illustration was another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine that I completed this week. This one was a little atypical, with the story set in a Nordic/Viking settlement.

23 June 2009

More Presidents

Continuing to render each of the 44 United States Presidential portraits for an upcoming wooden toy block project, as a way of planning ahead, and, at the very least, pad my back catalog, whilst the summer slow season slowly ambles along. My favorite so far, has to be Martin Van Buren (pictured above). What a great face, and hairdo!

Also, had another of those 'health care spots' for the Wall Street Journal on Monday (pictured below).

22 June 2009

June isn't exactly busting out all over

Work this month continues to trickle in very slowly. The above piece was on an environmental topic for the Far Eastern Economic Review this past weekend, and below was a Chronicle of Higher Education editorial illustration about special needs students that I did early last week.

With all the down time, I've started to get a head start on some of the upcoming projects that are currently 'on hold', such as the series of 'presidential portraits' for a local toy manufacturer (with 44 of these things to do, it wouldn't hurt to have a few in reserve, and even if the project never quite gets off the ground, these aren't bad to have in my back catalog..) - pictured below, Madison (#4), Monroe (#5) and Adams (#6)

12 June 2009

Woody Guthrie Show

This spring, my wife talked me into auditioning for a local theater group's production of 'Woody Guthrie's American Song'. My son was selected to play the role of the youngest incarnation of 'Woody', and a few weeks later I got a call asking if I wanted to join the cast, in the capacity of 'high tenor' and all around utility infielder. I'm playing a lot of guitar, a little bit of upright bass, singing a lot of high harmony, and playing Cisco Houston in the show. It's been an interesting experience so far, and the cast is a nice group of people. The show runs from July 9 through the 19th, and in conjunction, I've designed a logo for a tee shirt design (pictured above). I may change a few things yet on the design (I may redo the boxcars and the figure atop them, and I need to add an apostrophe at one point in the lettering), and I may do another 'color' version of this for coffee mug purposes. I may also finish up one of the alternate ideas I had for the shirt, just because I enjoy drawing portraits (pictured below)

ADDENDUM: A bit later, I went back into it, and did a few minor tweaks here and there in the design, and I was also asked to do a color version for usage on coffee mugs, and that version is pictured below: