28 April 2009

Rained in

A lot of rain the past few weeks, and the river has once again spilled out of its banks (third time this spring). It's just as well, because I've been spending a lot of time recently indoors at the drawing board. Below is one of two illustrations for the Far Eastern Economic Review that I completed over the weekend. Below that is another cover illustration for the same client. Another of those that needed to be drawn in two stages and given to the client in pieces so that they could rearrange as needed for their layout purposes.

Last weekend I completed the cover illustration for an upcoming coffee table book on veterinary medicine. I'll also be doing several inside spot illustrations later this spring for this same project.

I also had several illustrations for the Wall Street Journal over the past few weeks. One of my usual 'health care spots' is pictured below (something about acai berry cosmetics - they surprised me this week by choosing one of my more 'goofy' concepts). Also on monday I had a bonus rush assignment for the same publication, something to do with 'stress test' ratings for banks. (I actually preferred my other concept for this one, but maybe I can file away the idea and use it elsewhere). Below that is another assignment for the same newspaper that I completed last week (another one where I preferred one of my other sketches).

Now back to work, a few more deadlines looming later in the week. When it rains, it pours.

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