26 April 2009

Getting the Bugs Out

At some point during the past two months, I worked on a series of simple 'bug' illustrations for a set of wooden blocks, to be manufactured by a local toy company. The big challenge with these, was in boiling each bug down to its simplest elements to keep the details from overwhelming the design, and despite the various sizes and complexities of each of the bugs, try to keep them all of a similar size, look, and feel, and to make them 'look cute', to quote my client's instructions. (some were more challenging than others, like say, the centipede, or the earwig). They will be printed in two colors (not sure exactly what colors, but I've added some spot color to these samples), and I'm not sure how many of these will actually be used in the set (originally it was going to be a set of 12 bugs, but I ended up doing 16 different designs). As soon as I get word on where these can be purchased, I'll be sure and post a link, they would make nice gifts for young children (I've worked with this company before, and they always turn out a nice high quality product).

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