16 April 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Home again from Arizona, and a partial week of work to ease my way back into it. (We'll be leaving on Friday morning to drive to Virginia for a friend's daughter's wedding over the weekend). The illustration above and below is a pro bono job for a local disc golf organization to aid in raising funds for a park restoration. It will be probably printed in one color using a hot stamping process, so the artwork below is closer to how the finish will look (I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished 'disc' when it comes back from the printer. This was a fun project. I've been an avid disc golfer for the past three years, and this course is a neglected rustic favorite of mine in the area, and it will be nice to have a small hand in helping improve the facilities. It was also fun doing something 'on my own' with little or no art direction. My inspiration for the lettering was a combination of 'tattoo designs', and trying to get a feel of the 'briars' that make up so much of the underbrush at this course. I also tried to include some of my favorite old trees from this park, taking a sketch pad with me the last time I played it for reference purposes.

Last weekend I had a larger color illustration for the Wall Street Journal (pictured above) about the rash of layoffs taking place down in the financial sector due to the recent economic downturn. This one took a little longer than usual, and I came right down to the wire in regards to the deadline that day. I also had another of my 'health care' spots for the same client earlier this week. This one was about UltraViolet vaccuum cleaners and water purifiers for germ-o-phobic consumers.

I also had another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine early in the week. This one was set in ancient Babylonia, and took a bit of research into 'cylindar seals' and 'ziggurats'.

I also had another series of black and white spots for the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier this week. They have been running a series of article about the different election issues, and have been keeping me pretty busy over the past few months with these little 'donkey & elephant' characters. This time, the topic was 'the global marketplace' and various issues pertaining to it.

One other piece I'll be finishing up before we leave for Virginia is an assignment from the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. This one has been a little longer deadline than most of the projects from this client, and is a little more complex in size and design.

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