06 June 2005

See You in the Funny Pages (but probably not)

Throughout the year during '05, I played around with the notion of trying my hand at editorial cartooning. These were mostly done for my own benefit, by way of practice, and just to see how much time it would involve. I never quite got a regular routine going, but turned one out about once or twice a month for a short while. I really liked the drawing style of these, but I wasn't so crazy about the concepts and humor. On one of them, my brother Tom proposed a concept, and I finished it up (the 'supreme court medical marijuana' cartoon), but I wasn't crazy about the idea on that one either. The cartoons here in this post range from around April of '05 until about August of the same year.

I've also toyed with the idea of doing a strip cartoon, but have never quite gotten past an initial sample in any of my attempts. Probably a good indicator of how poorly I'm cut out for that kind of work. The strip above was an idea I had about setting a regular strip on that cliched 'desert island' with only a single character and perhaps a monkey for company. The sketch below was for another concept involving a monkey and a baby. These were both from January of '05.