21 November 2007

Xmas mailing

Finished up the xmas promo mailing. Thanks to Terri for posing for me, and thanks to Keenan for the ideas for the 'story titles' and 'authors'. I've been working on this one, off and on, for the past week or so, almost giving up on it a number of times. The oil painting style is pretty unfamiliar to me, and took a lot of false starts before I was able to make it work. I think I should plan on doing a steady campaign of postcards this year, I've neglected advertising of late, coasting on my laurels, and it is really starting to show.

This image is also available as a tee shirt, a mug, or a linen shopping bag, available through the online store SPICE

1 comment:

Kram said...

Nice work! Good idea on the promo mailers campaign. I'm in the same boat. Rock on!
I'm a King Crimson fan too. Just saw TU open for Tool. See: