03 November 2007

Week of tight deadlines

What looked as if it might be a rather slow work week, ended up being rather full after all due to some late arriving, but quick turnaround jobs. It started over the weekend with an email from the Far Eastern Economic Review from Hong Kong, with a pair of jobs due by Tuesday morning. A portrait (pictured, left), in which I was supplied a few reference photos, and another one that I was simply given the instructions "its about health care" (pictured below). Both went pretty quickly, and I managed to get them done by Monday night.

Also due by Tuesday morning was a job for the Chronicle of Higher Education to accompany an article about 'affirmative action', in particular reviewing 4 recent books on the subject. I came up with a sketch on Friday, but the AD wasn't happy with the original idea, and requested others for Monday. After I sent those on Monday morning, I got an email choosing one of those, and then another email right after that saying 'wait', and then a phone call to inform me that the editor just saw all three sketches and wants to go with Friday's original idea. I should probably save the other sketches, as this topic comes up from time to time. (I should actually save all my unused sketches, but I'm horribly negligent about keeping up with it).

Then added to the mix was my usual bi-weekly gig for the Wall Street Journal (a dubious health care claims column), this week on chinese herbal teas to sooth menstrual cramps. Been doing these for a while now (4-5 yrs?) and they are always fun and challenging. The middle of the week was actually quiet, but then I got another quick one for the same client on Thursday evening with a Friday afternoon deadline (didn't include an example of this one, it was b&w and not particularly interesting), and then around 3 on Friday I got another call from the same client with a quickie, due at five, about the housing market. Pretty straightforward instructions, a 'house stuck in a vice'. Had to miss an eye appointment because of it, but it turned out quite nice, and I got rescheduled for next week (my eyesight has been getting worse over the past year, and I'm about due for a new prescription I think - may have to finally go the bifocals route...)

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