19 November 2007

Quiet. A Bit Too Quiet.

Been a very quiet couple of weeks around here. Aside from a reprint and a small job for Newsday last monday (pictured at bottom), the phone has been eerily silent. I've got a book cover job that's been on hold for the past month, and I always chalk up slow periods to a completely irrational and superstitious belief that 'jobs on hold' create a sort of 'phone curse' that is only lifted when the job is put back in motion again. Even my regular bi-weekly WSJ gig got pushed back a week. So in the meantime, I've been working on an xmas mailer to go out early next month to try and drum up some business. The boss wants it completed and ready to send out by next week, so I better get busy. Working in an unfamiliar medium to try and break out of my rut, but of course, trying for something a little different usually means a bit more work and frustrating dead ends while you work through the problems.
(addendum: 11/20 - just heard from the 'on hold' job, and it will hopefully be coming down the pike very soon, perhaps by the end of this week, so hopefully the curse is now lifted)

The illustrations I'm using in this post were actually completed back in October for a London based subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal (for a European Sunday Edition, I believe). First time I'd worked with them, and most of the sketching was done on the road while I was driving my Dad down to Arizona for the winter. The print date was to be several weeks later, but now that the date has passed, it is probably safe to post them here at this time. One large illustration and a series of smaller spots on 'grooming and cultivating talent in the office environment'.

Been kind of a feast or famine kind of year overall. Either very busy, or very slow, but rarely in between. Also, am nearing the twenty year mark and starting to feel my age. I had a long time client retire on me this month. I've had several art directors move on to new assignments over the past 5 years, many are surely reaching retirement age, and I've even had one client die on me during my time here at the drawing board (and another one who isn't feeling too good). Makes you think, that's for sure. About stagnation, about the need to try and push the envelope a little bit and try for something new and fresh. I need a jolt to the system, and no one is going to give it to me, except myself.

Already Thanksgiving week, and the beginning of the Holiday season. I expect a few rush jobs this week, there always seems to be a few 'desk clearing' assignments that trickle in just before the long weekend.

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