16 October 2007

New Blog (Perhaps)

I've been thinking of perhaps starting a blog devoted to my day job, posting samples of illustration projects on a weekly basis. Still in the planning stages at this point.

addendum Nov 19: Starting now, when I have down time, I may be post-dating selected periods of work moving backwards from the date I started this blog, as a sort-of history and review.

addendum March 2010: Been doing this for three years now (my how time flies, it seems like I just started this blog the other day). Been gradually getting a little attention from it, with a few mentions here and there on the internet, and a few reprint sales because of it. Mostly it is just interesting for me to look back and see what sorts of things I was working on at different points in my past, otherwise it all blends together. Been fun so far, and I think I'll keep at it.

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