03 December 2006

Holiday Lull

Experienced a little bit of lull in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it didn't help that we also took a short vacation around this time.
The above illustration was a same day rush job for Newsday. The subject was those two airline pilots who were being held hostage down in South America at the time. The simple solution worked well here, and for once I didn't overwork it with a lot of extraneous background clutter. Also had another of my 'health care' column spots for the WSJ around this time, this one being about meat 'freshness' devices. The chance to draw a cut of meat doesn't come around often, and I had a lot of fun with it.

An assignment for Barrons this month gave me a chance to pay homage to a favorite film image of W.C. Fields, as the topic of 'playing it close to the vest' came up. And another black and white spot illustration for the Wall Street Journal came through around this time as well, this one having to do with 'how different stocks measure up'.
And as a change of pace, I also had a cartoonish illustration for an activities page for Highlights magazine. The reader is supposed to put the 6 scenes 'in order' based on clues in the drawings (for instance, you would purchase a hot dog before you ate it, and of course you would eat it before you threw the trash away, etc etc). A challenge to draw a couple characters over and over again, and keep them looking like the same person from scene to scene.

The above illustration was for the American Bar Association, and dealt with paralegals and some issues involving their certification woes from state to state. I remember using my wife to pose for reference for this one. This was another of those cases where the AD was very specific about what they wanted as far as layout and subject matter, right down to drawing a rough sketch for me to work from. Remembered thinking at the time that this would make good stock art in the future, as all you would have to do is replace the information on the card.
Then one more rush job for the Journal, this one undoubtably about oil cartels or something of that nature.

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