23 June 2006

Large Education Project

Around the middle of June I received a large commission from the Chronicle of Higher Education. I don't remember if these were all for the same supplement, or if they ended up in two different places. Some of them were regarding financial aid, and were finished in my more traditional scratchboard style, and these were a variety of sizes, depending on where they would fall in the publication. Others were in a lighter cartoon style, and seemed to be concerning a different aspect of college admissions.

Also in the mix, were a number of small spots that I seem to remember would accompany a story about different humorous ways in which potential students tried to impress the admissions officer. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping these all consistent in style and tone, and I ended up with some nice pieces out of the assignment.

The illustrations, from top to bottom: First, likely a piece on using your guidance counselor to navigate the 'jungle' of college admissions.
Second, one of the 'admissions officers' illustrations, about 'landing the top students', then under that, one of the 'humorous student' spots. Then another larger illustration, this one about 'affirmative action' no doubt, specifically about female minority students. Below that, another of the 'admissions officer' illustrations, and then another of the 'humorous student' illos.
I don't quite remember what the illustration to the left was regarding, but I do remember having my wife pose for me, holding a rolled up newspaper or something to signify the torch. One of the rare times that one of the pictures she poses for actually ends up looking like her to a certain degree.

The above illustration was no doubt concerned with students who take a 'different path' to college. I remember having trouble with the 'road surface'. I didn't want it to be solid black, but then again, I don't think the solution I came up with was entirely successful either. Need to do some work on that in the future I think. Also in the mix, I was asked to come up with a series of small spots under the general heading of 'students and finance', and the two to the right and left above (and another one further down the page) fell under this category.

The above illustration, I don't quite remember what the topic was, perhaps about changing schools, or changing majors. The illustration to the left was another of the 'humorous student' series.
To the right is another of the 'general finance' spots (my favorite of the bunch, due to its simplicity), and the illustration below is another of the 'admissions officer' cartoons. This extended project certainly kept me busy for a couple weeks or so, and it was greatly appreciated, falling during what is usually for me a slow time of year.

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