07 April 2006

Busy April continued

The Chronicle of Higher Education kept me rather busy in the month of April. The illustrations above were for a cover assignment, with a related inside illustration. I don't quite remember what the topic was about, or how beach balls fit into the scheme of things, but I ended up with a nice colorful illustration, a change of pace from my usual dark and dreary fare.

At a different time of the month, I also received the following trio of spot illustrations for the same client, these all having to do with student 'gathering places' around campus, and how to foster and nurture these areas in the learning environment.

I tried to tie them all together with a similar style and color scheme, and it was a fun little project, trying to squeeze these little multi character scenes into a tiny space without it looking too cluttered.

Another assignment that I got from this client during the month of April, was the following 'Dorian Gray' parody. I don't quite remember what the angle of the story was, but it was much more fun drawing the decay and decrepitude of the main character, than it was trying to draw the shining perfect face in the mirror.

Another spot illustration for the same client is pictured below. This one required a bit more research and planning. I was asked to do a 'escher parody' having something to do with finding your way around college campuses. I didn't want to copy the original too closely, but also wanted it to be recognizable as a homage to the original. I liked how this one turned out, it seemed to fit well with my scratchboard style, and for once I was very pleased with the color selections.

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