29 March 2006

A Quartet of Financial Spots

Barrons approached me with a series of spot illustrations for upcoming articles. One of them would be about 'faith based investing', and one of the sketch ideas for this particular concept was chosen for the finish, and would later be resurrected again as a cover illustration over coming months. I would also use a similar idea for a small black and white spot for another publication. Thanks to Michaelangelo for the iconic 'hand of god'.

Each spot was of a different subject, the one to the right was something to do with stocks at that time growing to healthy abundance, and bonds withering on the vine. The editor suggested this concept of a garden with some of the plants receiving beneficial sunlight and the others in shade.

The spot to the left with the fellow being left behind by the motorboat, was for the same client, but I don't quite remember the topic on this one. I did enjoy the tiny 'sailboat and lighthouse' scene in the background. Nice and simple with a minimum of linework.

And finally, the spot to the right, something to do with measuring your portfolio. I seem to remember a lot of back and forth with the editors about this one, not being sure how to picture a 'portfolio', but after the dust settled, we ended up with a nice little image, and I thought the colors turned out quite striking on this one.

Then, for Newsday, I got a rare color job (rare for this time period), something to do with voting booths, if I remember correctly.

Then also, around this time I landed an assignment for a full page illustration for the American Bar Association (it had been about a year since the last assignment). The jobs from this client tend to be more heavily art directed than most. I usually receive a rough sketch of what they are looking for from the AD. This one was something to do with a rallying cry for young law students. I treated the grass and hillside a little differently than I've approached this sort of thing before. Not sure if it was entirely successful, but it gave me something fresh to occupy my time. Lots of grass and landscape can tend to be a little tedious sometimes.

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