05 February 2006

Lots 'a Spots

The early part of February found me immersed in lots of little spot illustration assignments. This piece to the left was an assignment for Barrons. I don't quite remember the topic, something to do with rankings of some sort.

I also got an assignment to do a series of small black and white spot illustrations for the Wall Street Journal. These would all concern the 'super bowl' in some capacity. While working in color is always fun, I also like the challenge of simplifying the palatte a bit more, to the point, with these spots where I was thinking in terms of solid black and white, and trying to keep grey middle tones out of the picture altogether. It struck me as a little more 'masculine' and in keeping with the subject matter.

In addition to these spots, I had another of the 'health care' column spots that I do every other week for the same client. This one was about candy designed to improve dental health, and it resulted in a cute illustration with a trio of frolicking sweets and a molar. (pictured below, right)

A few other spots that came across the desk for the same client in early February, were the two pictured below. A piece on technology and the internet (why the ear, I really don't remember), and a black and white chart accompaniment piece on overseas investing. (which gave me a chance to work on my globe skills, skills which would come in handy over the next few years)

For the same client, I also was handed a spot having to do with the Chinese economy, or US investments over in China. I seem to remember this being one of the editor's ideas, and it was simply a matter of fleshing it out.

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2295/2073950422_30d34d904d_o.jpg" align=left hspace=10>

Also around this time, I got an unusual assignment from Newsday to do a piece on 'ballroom dancing'. One of the sketch ideas I proposed was that I do a silouette of the dancers with a lot of wild colors in the background. I don't do an awful lot of silouettes, so it was a bit of a challenge for me, but not nearly so much as the 'wild colors'. I wasn't real wild about how this one turned out, but it was fun to try something new.

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