21 February 2006

February HodgePodge

In the latter half of February, besides the flurry of educational spots (see other posting for this month), I had a variety of assignments from all corners of the spectrum. The above illustration was for D Magazine out of Texas, who I had done work for about a year prior. This was a smaller spot illustration, having to do with school finance laws.
The illustration to the left was for Barrons, and had to do with the real estate market. After the fact, I was asked to go back to this illustration and add a continuation of the 'stream' so that it wound its way all the way down the sidebar of the page (I've only posted the original piece here).

I had an assignment around this time from America magazine. This accompanied a story about bible scholarship. I was asked a few months later to do a follow up illustration along the same lines.
I also had another of my 'health care' illustration spots that I do every two weeks for the Wall Street Journal. This one was either regarding measles treatments, or acne, I dont' remember which.

I had a couple of small cartoon spots around this time for Highlights magazine. The one to the left was something to do with 'family activities', and the other one (pictured to the right) had something to do with figuring out how many kids it would take laid end to end to reach the moon.
I also had another spot illustration for the Wall Street Journal, this one had something to do with a specific airline carrier and their ongoing financial woes. Didn't quite like how this one turned out. I don't normally enjoy drawing airplanes, and trying to anthromorphize one didn't make it any easier.

I also had a piece for Newsday. This one was a lifestyle section color piece having to do with sending your kids off to summer camp. I liked how I treated the clothing of the two main characters in this one. I usually just do a straight color wash, but the patterns seemed to help break up the rather large color spaces better.

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