18 February 2006

Educational Spots

Got assigned a series of black and white spot illustrations for the Chronicle of Higher Education sometime in February. These were for a supplement publication, and the subjects ranged from affirmative action, to test scores to school finances. The illustration above would be the 'main illustration' for either the cover, or for the lead article.
I did a couple different versions for the client, one in simple line art, another with greyscale, and as a change of pace, one as a duotone (pictured above). I don't quite remember the particular slant of this story, but it was a fun image, and turned out nice.

The second illustration had something to do with the disparate income levels of incoming college students.

I don't remember what the illustration below that was pertaining to, but went along with this series, and was a nice powerful image.
The fourth illustration was based on a concept provided by the editor, something to do with high school graduates not being properly prepared for college level requirements (thus the bridges not quite meeting in the middle).

The illustration below that was concerned with SAT test scores in some capacity.
The apple image below that, was one my favorites of the series (aside from the opening piece), even though I don't remember what the article was about. The simpler the image, usually, the happier I am with the end result. Sometimes a concept can get weighted down with way too many concepts and symbols.

Judging by the illustrations from this series, it doesn't look as if the current state of education doing too well. The next illustration, obviously a take off on the old 'lemmings to the sea' concept, is another case in point (add that one to the wormy apple, the broken bridge span, and the crumbling orb at the top to see what I mean).

The next illustration seems to have something to do with either handing off a student from high school to college, or perhaps it had something to do with transferring schools, I don't quite remember.

The next illustration down, was something to do with SAT testing, but other than that, I don't recall what else the article was about.

And finally, the illustration at the bottom seems to be concerned with affirmative action in some way or another. Disparate income levels, or unequal opportunities, something along those lines.

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