06 January 2006

On My Own

During a slow period in early January, I started work on a piece for a promotional mailing. I never ended up actually using this piece, when the workload went back to its usual standards, and I forgot all about doing a mailing until later in the year, when this idea didn't seem quite so fresh. I love doing caricatures, and group portraits are always a blast to try and figure out logistically (not only do you have to nail one face fairly closely, but you have to try and get a bunch of them at the same time). At the time, we were regular viewers of this television program, and it always cracked me up how perfect everybody's hair always looked, despite being marooned on a deserted island. It is not often that I do 'non work related' projects like this (and actually see them through to finish). I'll try and post more of these oddities as I run across them in the archives.

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