30 December 2005

Dead Guy Specialist

For a while, Newsday seemed to consider me their 'go to' guy for quick portraits of the recent famous deceased. I had done a portrait a while back of Pope John Paul, and Billy Graham, and this month I got one of Richard Pryor (which has been the most fun so far). I don't mind this continuing trend whatsoever, I really enjoy doing portraits, and wouldn't mind doing little else.

And, while, technically, the other portrait I received this month from the same client doesn't actually depict a 'dead guy', it seems to follow in the general spirit of the previous treatments. I remember getting direction from the client after seeing my sketch, that they didn't want the new pope to look 'quite so evil'. I remember this being quite a challenge, because I couldn't find a photo reference for the guy that DIDN'T look 'quite so evil'. Well, I tried.

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