14 August 2005

Black and White

With a new chief justice confirmed, I found myself with a daily assignment for Newsday about the confirmation hearings. Rather a difficult face to capture, but I think I nailed it pretty well.

And speaking of difficult faces to capture; for the same client I had another assignment featuring NY gov Pataki, who I have been assigned a few times before, and seem to have a difficult time with each and every illustration. Something about this guy's face, but he seems to look different in reference photos depending on what angle they shoot him, or whether he is smiling or frowning. Anyhow, something about his face gives me trouble. (I don't remember who the other guy was in this illustration, but I'm sure he was someone important in NY politics)

Another piece for the same client, involved orphans and something to do with their image as seen in popular culture. Gave me another chance to sneak in my dog 'Lady', who pops up a few times this month.

Another black and white rush job this month came from the Wall Street Journal, this being one of the earliest inklings of the coming 'burst housing bubble' that would make bigger news splashes in the coming years. Did a little collage technique with the 'house' in the balloon, manipulating a found photo, since I don't draw architecture all too well.

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