15 June 2005

Newspaper Spots

This would be the last month that I would have the good fortune to count on 4 'health care' spots per month, a regular gig I've enjoyed over the past few years for the Wall Street Journal. These made a nice cushion for 'lean times', and have been a continuing source of challenge and fun since I started working on this continuing column feature. These would continue on, thankfully, but on a bi-monthly basis.

The 'monkey postcard' that I sent out the previous month, prompted a designer at the Journal to request that I do an illustration in a similar 'painterly style' for the next assignment. Unfortunately, this was a rather poor choice to 'shine' in this particular style, and I'm afraid it didn't turn out all that interesting.
Another spot for the same client at another time of the month, was this spot involving 'women in business'. I used a slightly different effect here, fading out the background characters a bit to show depth. I think it helped to keep the illustration from looking way too busy.

I also had an assignment regarding small companies who take over larger companies, in which I chose to portray the companies as 'big fish' and 'little fish' (possibly because there was some mention of this in the article, maybe not). I decided that the 'little fish' ought to be a puffer fish, since they have that habit of blowing up to twice their usual size. (plus, just wanted to draw a puffer fish, after finding one on the beach recently on a trip to Florida). Later I would recycle this illustration as a promotional postcard.

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