18 March 2005

The Fat Factor

Above is the monthly ration of 'health care' spots for a regular column that I have illustrated since 2002 for the Wall Street Journal. The topics were (if I remember correctly); icy hot patches for back pain, a new device for sanitizing toothbrushes, contact lenses, health benefits of pomogranates and massage therapy.

For the same client, I also had the above assignment having something to do with the real estate market. I wasn't too crazy about how this one turned out. Houses aren't exactly my favorite thing to draw, but in this case, the 'person' is the weak link. I need more practice on drawing obese people (because that 'fat cat' character pops up from time to time like a bad penny).

I did a bit better with the 'fat man' in the following illustration, for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I was a lot happier with this illustration all around, nice hand, nice overall layout.

Another piece for the same client that turned out pretty nice, was the illustration below. The concept was a little weak, and I didn't have high hopes for it (mostly just replicating the harvard logo), but it turn out half bad.

Also had a full page illustration for Diversity magazine, that wanted a 'bucket brigade' image with a breakdown in the line. My wife and I posed for all the figures, and I had to change each to be various ethic varieties and body sizes and types and ages. This one turned out quite nice, better than most 'full page' assignments, although I question the liberal use of purple in the background, looking back at it now.

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