05 February 2005

Children's Magazine Assignments

Took in a trio of illustrations for Cricket magazine. Starting to get a reputation around this publisher as the 'go to' guy for 'historical sagas'. This one concerned a pair of young girls during the revolutionary war, who lived at a lighthouse, and managed to fool a British troop ship into retreating from a landing, thinking that a garrison of troops was stationed just over the dunes. I have a soft spot for lighthouses, so this one was a great deal of fun all the way through (plus I got to draw a few little sailing vessels).

Another children's publication, Oddysey (Cobblestone's 'science' publication), sent me another 'puzzle page' (I'd been doing these puzzle page illustrations for a year or more for this publication). Some are easier than others, this one was one of the easier ones.

The image above was another fiction piece for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. This one involved a contract employee building a wall at a convent (other than that, I dont' remember much else about the story)
The illustration below was for US Catholic, and I don't quite remember the topic (book reviews or something - late night snacks??), but anyways, I liked how this one turned out. I need to use more solid black in the cartoon illustrations more often, it is a nice effect. At this point, we hadn't gotten our new dog 'Lady' yet, and I was still drawing variations on my old dog 'Dinky' who had passed away two years prior.

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