17 January 2005

Newspaper clippings

The illustrations in this posting were all from the Wall Street Journal in January. The piece at the top was about imports (not sure if it had to do with beer and wine imports, or if it was just a general 'cash flow' topic). I was starting to use the 'scratchboard rake' tool a bit more around this time, and it got extensive use on the bottles. Previously, I was just using it to add an overall tone to the background of black and white pieces, and to create interesting cloud patterns.
The piece to the left was another 'beverage' related spot, a trio of investors are using a wine press for some reason or another (I forget the exact topic of this one).

Also, for the same client, was the monthly quota of 'health care' spots for my regular column gig that I do every monday. A couple favorites of mine this month, were the pieces on stuttering (above left), and the boxing ring battle of the olive oils (above right). Both of those pieces were a little different than the usual fare, and it is obvious I was having fun breaking out of the mold. The other topics included lasik surgery, kids bike helmets, and some sort of medical machinery (I forget exactly what it was, but it took a bit of research and was interesting trying to fit that big gizmo into such a tiny space, plus a doctor and a patient)

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