25 January 2005

Educational Assignments

I've been doing work for the Chronicle of Higher Education since the early 90s, and up until this time in 2005, a majority of the work that I've done for them has been in black and white, with color pieces being a rarity. (not sure if it had something to do with the printing requirements of the publication up until this time, or if it was just an asthetic choice). This piece above, on outsourcing was one of the last pieces from the 'black and white era', and is a personal favorite of mine from this time period. I liked the concept and the camera angle, and I remember doing this completely without reference materials, and the scratchboard approach seems very loose and free flowing. Obviously I was having fun with this one.

Above is another b&w piece for the same client. Not a bad illustration, but is a little stiff and dry. Not sure about that treatment of the upper wall in the background, an experiment that didn't quite work out.
Around this time, for the same client, I was assigned a series of spot illustrations on a variety of topics, but they all had to flow together somehow, so I gave them all similar background treatments. The concepts were a mix of ideas I had, and some that were supplied by the editor/AD. This piece to the left was on global warming, I think. The concept seems a little odd to me looking back at it now.

Then, at the right, is a rather straightforward image of a cadeuceus, probably something to do with medical education, and then below, a piece on journalism and ... well, to be honest, I have no idea what that other illustration is about. I remember this was a rather esoteric article, and the image idea was proposed by the editor, so I just did the best I could to bring it to life. The hat below, is my favorite of the bunch, not because it was an all that earth shattering of a concept, but just because I liked the simplicity of it, and the nice rendering of the hat, and the color combination seemed to work well.

Another black and white piece is below. It looks as if I've just discovered the 'scratchboard rake' tool recently, and I'm starting to experiment with using it a bit more frequently. I'd gradually grow a bit more adept with it over time, but it looks here like I'm still trying out different ways of utilizing it. (random freehanded cross hatching patterns in the background, the highlight patch in the middle of the bottle).

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