05 January 2005

Black and White World

The piece above was a same day assignment for Newsday. This editorial piece concerned Germany's efforts to wipe away the stain of anti-semitism from its past.
Another piece for the same client is below, and was about the closing down of a long time NY public access show. I don't know if I am showing my age with this retro television set and cable dial, or if I was trying to nod towards what the sets looked like when this show was first aired in the late 60s/early 70s.

Another piece for the same client, another same day, another editorial. The one below had to do with survey questions where they ask for 'race' and the growing contingent of people in this country who can't neatly fit their heritage into a single category. Kind of a strange concept/layout, and I don't remember if this was my idea or not (probably was, as this client very rarely gives much input other than handing me the text of the story). But I did like the rendering on the face.

The piece below, was another fiction story for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. This was a story about a spurned actress who murders a playwrite. I liked the layout on this one, but I think I goofed up on the perspective of the gun and hand (although it is very subtle).

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