09 October 2004

Seeing Spots

During this time period, I was living in South Haven, caring for my Dad while he underwent chemo treatments, and living and working remotely from my office. Sometimes the schedule with doctor's appointments would conflict with work deadlines, and I ended up with a situation that produced the above three spot illustrations. I knew I wouldn't be around at the usual time that one of my three 'concept sketches' would be approved, so I prepared ahead of time, and just finished up all three ideas for the same story, and let the designer pick which one they wanted to run.

I don't know which one they eventually went with, but I personally enjoyed the 'fish workout room'. This article was about 'underwater workouts'.

Other spots for this same 'health care' column that I do every week for the Wall Street Journal are pictured right and below and include one on 'aromatherapy for weight loss', 'dental care as related to pregnancy', and 'boosting your brain power'. This column has been a weekly gig for me since around 2002, and I've been very grateful to have it to fall back on during lean times, so I was certainly motivated to keep this client happy, especially during this awkward time with regards to my work availability.

For the same client during the month of October, I also had the spot to the left, regarding 'getting along with co-workers', and a black and white spot depicting the two presidential candidates and their corresponding energy proposals.

And for the same client, a larger spot illustration, pictured below, about young upstart internet phone companies who are challenging the big conglomerates.

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