25 October 2004

Letters, We Get Letters

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, I was handed a series of spot illustrations in which I had to incorporate the letters A-F somehow. I don't remember the gist of the story, but perhaps it was something to do with the old letter grading system?

Anyhow, they were fun to do, a nice simple design, and I thought they all turned out quite well. I'm glad I decided to leave the letters white, it certainly helped them 'pop' out of the illustration better than they would have if I had decided to color each of them a different bright color (as was my original plan).

In addition to all the 'letters' I also had an assignment for the same client regarding 'numbers and percentages', with regards to quotas (pictured below).

And finally, a new client called me during the month of October. A former co-worker of my wife's, when she worked at Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Parent and Business Journal), moved out of state, and got a job at Log Home Living magazine (Home Builder Publications), and started sending me work. This piece was something to do with 'roofing'. I wasn't happy with how this one turned out, a bit darker than I planned on, but I was glad that the client liked it enough to send me more work later, so I could redeem myself.

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