05 September 2004

September spots

Aside from the mountain of workbook illustrations mentioned in the other Sept 04 posting, I had a smattering of other illustration assignments from my regular clientele. The above illustration was for the Wall Street Journal, and regarded particularly slow moving bond funds. For the same client, below, were my regular 'health care' column gig, on topics like 'contact lenses', 'stretches', 'heating lotions' and 'acupuncture for pregnancy'.

For the same client, I had a rush same day job about the 'global economy'. I remember the globe being particularly tricky, once I had committed myself to drawing in those longitude and lattitude lines.

And another of my semi-regular gigs, a puzzle page for Oddysey (Cobblestone). I don't quite remember the gist of this particular brain teaser, but I remember having fun with the bunnies and doggies around the outside.

And finally, the Chronicle of Higher Education gave me this assignment having to do with tuitions and kickbacks, featuring our old cliche friend the 'fat cat with cigar'.

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