05 May 2004

Newspaper Work

The above illustration was a piece on funding for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I like the action on this one, and the simple technique that I used. Scratchboard can have a bad habit of looking 'overworked' if you're not careful.

This illustration above was for the Wall Street Journal. It appears to be one of those cases where I'm given a concept from the editors, and my job is to 'bring it to life'. I don't normally like to put in labels or logos or words into the illustrations if I can help it, but sometimes it is not my choice.

Then I have my usual allotment of 'health care' spot illustrations for a weekly column for the same client, that I've been doing for a couple years. The one at the top left, about the spring shoes, prompted a call from the manufacturer of the shoes who wanted a signed print of the illustration. The other topics were: 'fertility drugs', 'grapefruit', 'scar medications', and something to do with vitamins either for your teeth or your breath, I'm not sure which.
I also had another tiny spot for the same publication. I don't quite remember what this was for. Obviously someone is getting sworn in down by the Capitol building, but why and who? Dunno.

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