10 May 2004

Misc Assignments

The above illustration was for America magazine, but I dont quite remember what the topic was. It gave me some good 'shoe practice'. Another piece for the same client is pictured below, this one had something to do with the enviroment, I believe. The nice thing about this client, is their willingness to let me try different techniques. Sometimes they turn out quite nice, and other times I fall on my face. I'm not sure where the one below fits in.

Then, for US Catholic magazine, I had the illustration below, on whether priests should be allowed to marry.

The illustration below was for Newsday. I'm pretty sure the guy behind the wheelbarrow was supposed to be a likeness of somebody, but I don't remember who (somebody from NJ politics no doubt). I'm not too crazy about how this one turned out. The body and face look very awkward to me, like I was spending most of my time and effort on the wheelbarrow and its contents and approached the guy's anatomy as only an afterthought. Sometimes I stumble across an illustration of mine like this, and wonder how I manage to stay in business. I can't believe I let something like this go out the door. I imagine I'm going to find more than a few ugly ones like this the further back in the archives I dig.

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