25 May 2004

Children's Publishing Projects

In May, I had another multi illustration workbook project for Carson Dellosa. There were three of these booklets in the early half of 2004, entitled 'Teamwork Test Prep', and were for grades 3, 4 and 5 (not to be confused with identically named projects in the fall of 2004). I think these were perhaps 'teacher's editions', and these contained approximately 40 illustrations each as opposed to the 25 illustrations in each of the TTP books in the fall of the year.

I was usually given a lot of freedom on these spots (a few of them posted here as examples), and was encouraged to keep them light and fun. I enjoyed these projects, and they gave me good practice at simplicity, economy of line and getting a message across with a minimum of detail. Further samples from this book can be found in another posting this month. (link here

In addition to the above workbook project, I also had a few spots for another book publisher, Adventure House, in a similar capacity. These were a couple of black and white and grey wash spots to go with a couple of story problems.

One of them involved a complicated map and getting around on the public transportation system in a foreign country, and another of them had to do with a robbery at a jewelry store. I never quite figured out what book these were for, and I got the impression I was only one of several illustrators hired for this project. These trickled in to me over the course of the year in bundles of 3-10 every couple of months.

At a different time of the month, but for the same client, I also had another spot illustration, this time in color, about a visit to a produce stand. This was an odd shaped one, and needed to wrap around a body of text.

Then, for my regular 'puzzle page' assignment for Oddysey (Cobblestone), I had a maze illustration. I don't remember the story problem exactly, but it seems to me you were supposed to determine if the caterpillar in the middle was on the inside or the outside of the coiled rubber band that snakes across the page. Around this time I was doing less and less work for Cobblestone, with the exception of this one regular feature for their science publication, which ran for another year or so.

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