20 April 2004

Cartoons in April

I had the above illustration assignment in April from Newsday. This would be a full page cover for the lifestyle section to accompany an article about Martha Stewart. The idea I had was to show the Martha persona as a 'paper doll' design, and I thought it interesting to try and capture a Martha Stewart likeness without actually showing her face.

Also during April I had a large project for Adventure House Publishing in which I was to provide a series of about 20 spots for different sections of an activity book. I've decided to only post a sampling of the illustrations from this project, since they were all fairly similar. A few of them were to show 'hobbies/activities' like the 'violin player' at left and the 'hiker' on the right.

Other spot illustrations in this project were a series of scenes from different locations, like the 'movie theater' or the 'bus stop' pictured below. Then there were also a series of bw/wash pieces that focused on certain items, like the 'hiking boots' and there was also a series of bw pieces showing the different steps to 'making an omelette'. I never quite found out what book these appeared in, and I got the impression that I was only one of several illustrators hired to fill out this textbook project.

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