18 November 2003

November Kid Stuff

Above was another of my 'puzzle page' assignments for Oddysey magazine (Cobblestone). This looks quite complex, but it was actually a lot of fun to put together; an arial view of a bunch of city buildings and streets, numbered for some reason that had to do with the accompanying story problem.
It sort of reminds me of a computer game I designed for my son to play back in the early nineties where you had to drive a little yellow vw bug around town, making stops at various locations in order to 'do your errands'. It was called 'Bugsy Goes to Town' and I'm not sure if you can still find it in the freeware libraries of AOL, but it was a very crude attempt on my part to learn the 'C' programming language.
The spots sprinkled around are from a series of 20 or so spots that I was asked to do for Adventure House Publishers to go in a textbook of some sort. Most were quite small (the examples here are actually increased in size from the originals), and had to do with various activities and story problems.

Also this month, I had a small illustration for Footsteps magazine (Cobblestone). This magazine specialized in African American history, and this was a story about a slave who would go around spreading news to farm workers through coded songs and verse.

12 November 2003

Christmas Card

These two cartoons were for a christmas card for a private law firm client in New York.

06 November 2003

Quarterly Newsletter Work

These were a series of illustrations for AG Edwards, for their quarterly newsletter. These generally had to do with investing and savings, with only slight variations from quarter to quarter depending on the current financial situation. I have been saving illustrations from this particular client to post until a 5 year window has passed, due to usage arrangments I made at the time these were contracted.