20 September 2003

Newspaper spots

Above are the monthly quota of 'health care' spots for the Wall Street Journal, a weekly gig that I've been doing for the past few years. The topics were 'cellulite removal', 'bowel pain', 'bad breath' and 'wart removal' (a pleasant assortment this month, to be sure). Plus I had the usual assortment of small black and white spots, usually a weekend chart accompaniment illustration, like the piece on 'building a portfolio', and the 'keeping a lid on interest rates' piece both pictured below.

And for the same client, I also had a few larger spot illustrations, like the piece below on regulating the 'fat cats', and the piece below that, which had something to do with the Chinese economy.

For the Chronicle of Higher Education, I had a pair of illustrations that would bookend an article about 'internet miscommunications'. I don't normally relish drawing computers and electronic devices, but I try to have fun with them whenever the situation arises, putting in a plug for macs when possible (looks like my old imac that the fellah is using). These two turned out quite fun, both from a simplicity standpoint, and in the colors I chose to use.

Also, for the same client I had another spot illustration in September. This one also featured a computer, a laptop this time, probably a story about 'ebooks' or something. I used a technique for the first time here (which I used again on another project this month), where I use a subtle 'yellow glow' around the outside of an illustration that has a plain white background. This serves to help 'pop' the black linework a little bit against the background. I've used it subsequently a few other times since, but not to the point where I've overused the effect.

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