09 August 2003

Newspaper Work

The above piece about Mexican exports to Spain was for the Wall Street Journal. Was fun doing a Spanish galleon, even if I had to tart it up with dollar signs and a 'mexico' label on the back (and flags for good measure).

For the same newspaper client, I had my monthly quota of 'health care' spots for a column that I contribute to once a week. The topics this time were 'botox treatments', 'oxygen bars', 'computer eye strain', 'home BP tests', and 'bloodless surgery'. The 'surgery' one didn't seem overly exciting at the time, but I ended up choosing some real nice colors for it, and it seems to really pop out of the page.

The piece below, for the same client, was a rather odd one, something to do with beatniks sitting around coffee shops looking at the want ads, but other than that, I dont' remember the slant of the original article.
Another piece for the same client is at right. Probably a piece about severance packages, or something to that effect. I remember the paper being rather touchy about 'airplane' related concepts around this time, still reeling from 9/11, and having to change the original 'airplane' to a 'blimp' as a compromise.

The piece above was for Newsday, a full page cover for the financial section. I remember the 'money' road being quite time consuming, but I'm glad I spent the time to alternate the dollars between fronts and backs in a random pattern. This could have looked very mechanical and stiff if I hadn't. Rather than draw all the little 'dollars', I just used a 'collage' technique. These days I would probably send those dollar images through a 'woodcut' filter first, so they blended better with the scratchboard style.

The piece to the left was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I thought I handled the depth of field aspect of this one nicely, using some scratchboard rake techniques in the background.

The piece below was another same day illustration for Newsday. This one had something to do with 'unions'.

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