15 August 2003


August of '03 was the last significant month of 'map making' on a large scale. Cobblesone, a children's educational magazine publishing company that I had been working for since the early to mid nineties underwent a corporate merger, and the parent company started cutting corners every which way they could. I guess my maps were part of those cut corners. The map below was the last of the 'middle east' assignments for this year for Faces magazine (Cobblestone's geography publication). The map above was a piece on Long Island dining, for Newsday.

For the same children's publisher, but a different publication (don't remember exactly), I had the map below, showing different concentrations of Islam around the globe.

And then, while not a map, the piece below was another 'puzzle page' assignment for the same company's 'science magazine', Oddysey. This was more in the line of a 'story problem', as opposed to the more 'puzzle' or 'mazelike' illustrations I sometimes do for this feature.

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