19 August 2003

From the Sketchbook

Unlike a lot of 'artists', I don't normally keep a regular 'sketchbook' regimen. At the end of a hard day of drawing pictures, the last thing I want to do is draw something else in my spare time. But I've frequently thought that it would probably be a good idea if I did. It would no doubt improve my eye, increase my visual vocabulary, and might even be theraputic on certain levels (i.e. drawing something that I don't HAVE to draw). In the fall of '03 I picked up a blank book at the book store and took it and a couple ink pens with me on a camping trip, and during some down time, did these two ink sketches. Unfortunately, I've barely touched the book since. I really should knuckle down and get back into it. These were both from a campground near Traverse Bay.