20 June 2003

Newspaper spots continued

I'm not sure, but there might have been a special supplemental section for Newsday in June of '03. I have a series of spot illustrations, that all seem to have something to do with retired persons in one way or another, and they might have all been for the same article, although a few of them are in a different style (like the stork illustration above). The illustration above, if I remember correctly, was about older Americans having children well into their retirement years.

The illustration at left, also seems to be featuring an older gentleman, this one being about online dating. Plus, there were a few other 'cartoon' style illustrations this month (all titled similarly in my archive file), one of them featuring an older woman with a overabundance of pets, and another 'computer themed' illustration featuring a guru on a mountaintop (although this one doesn't seem to be featuring a 'retiree' - that is, unless the guru is retired...).

I also had another spot for the same client this month, in which I used a much different style than I've attempted before or since. Using a 'watercolor' wash technique, and keeping the illustration rather light and realistic, I tried for something a little more sensitive than the usual. This one was something for the lifestyle section, having to do with terminally ill family members. I'm not exactly happy with how it turned out, probably why I never went back to this technique again (at least this light and pastel colored).

Then, pictured at the bottom of the entry, is a black and white illustration that I did for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This one having something to do with separating education from government control (or something like that). I had a lot more fun drawing the hands, than I did drawing the buildings.

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