04 April 2003

Good Works

I had a couple of assignments this month for a catholic publication. Both of which were concepts that I wasn't initially keen on, but once I dived into the illustrations, they both turned out quite nice. The above illustration, I'm afraid I don't quite remember the story of, but I was tickled with my lighthouse/church concept with its 'stained glass colored searchlights'. I used a combination watercolor and colored pencil technique for this one. The one below was more of my tried and true scratchboard technique, but I thought I did a better job than usual in framing this one, the way I made the edges quite definite, and the reflections in the water turned out quite nice, going with a softer loose watercolor approach which complemented the hard edged stylization of the rest of the image. (again, I don't quite remember the story that it accompanied).

In addition to the catholic contingent, I also did more 'bible study' project work for the protestants. Another large batch of illustrations for a local religious organizations' curriculum, this was a continuing 3-4 year project that I was about halfway through with. This illustration below is a single sample of the latest group of about 20 illustrations.

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