15 April 2003

Big and Little

Also in the month of April, I had some extremes in size for different clients. The above large map stretched across a two page spread, for a geography magazine for kids. They wanted something sort of 'light and whispery' for the background of a feature. It was at this point, that I'd done so many world maps for this client, that I finally started thinking about doing a 'world map template' with various layers that I could manipulate for various uses (thinking it would be a big time saver in the future). But I never got around to doing it, and it didn't matter anyways, because work from this client eventually dried up and blew away the following year.

I also had a series of small spots for my national newspaper client. These all had to do with 'hedge funds' in one way or another, and they wanted some fun little spots to accompany their rather dry article.

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