03 March 2003

Marching along

The above illustration, done in a slightly different style than I usually do for this client, was for an east coast newspaper. The story was something about kids using the internet to find out about Iraq (if I remember correctly).

More computers above, for my educational publication client. This story had something to do with detecting misuse on library computers (I think). Thank goodness for copy and paste, although I mixed up the 'wires' in the back so they wouldn't all be the same, in order to hide the shortcut.

Then there were my monthly quota of 'health care' spots for a regular column that I've been illustrating for about a year at this point. The topics were; antioxidant teas, baldness cures, sunshine, weight loss medications, and some sort of medical test (I don't quite remember exactly).

For the same client, I had the illustration below on fearless war reporters, entitled 'scud studs'.

I had a couple of assignments from a catholic magazine client of mine in March. One of them a full page illustration for a short story about a hispanic father and daughter, and a small cartoon spot about taking your kids to volunteer at homeless shelters.

I also had a rather unusual assignment from my east coast newspaper client. They wanted a bottle with a cork about to pop, with the UN logo emblazoned on the cork. The real challenge was trying to show a rather static image like a bottle and cork and try to show some action "about to happen", not actually happening yet, mind you, but 'about to'. I did this one in a mix of mediums, pastels, airbrush, colored pencils to achieve various effects.

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