05 November 2002

Cartoon-o-matic 3000

I had a whole bunch of cartoon assignments in the month of November. Besides another installment in the ongoing 'bible stories' project (samples of which are pictured above and below - there were about 30 or so total in this batch), I also had a couple of 'series' assignments for other clients, and a few solo pieces that I also finished in this same sort of 'cartoon style'. The good thing about this style is that it is quick and expedient to do, and I can cram a lot into a short period of time if I need to. The problem though, is that I can find myself just 'going through the motions' if I'm not careful, and the work can lose a bit of pizazz and seem kind of mechanical and uninspired. That's how I felt about a lot of the cartoon samples that I ran across in the archives for this month. I think I just tried to fit way too much work into too little time, and the work suffered because of it.
Of these 'bible story' illos, probably the best one was the 'joseph getting thrown in the pit' (which was near the beginning of this particular batch), and gradually they became less interesting until we get to the illustrations below, which seem just slapped together.

The illustration above was for an east coast newspaper client of mine, and concerned online booking for holiday travel plans. Another one that didn't turn out all that interesting. I don't know if it was because of being way too busy that month, or just not being particularly enthused about the topic, but the main illustration and the small spots that accompanied it seem sort of dull and uninspired.

These small cartoon spots accompanied the larger illustration above, and were sprinkled throughout the article. I barely remember working on this project, so I can only assume that the deadline was probably pretty tight, and they all look like they were rushed through. About the only two that turned out halfway decent, were the 'airplane' spot and the 'beach chair' spot, both of which at least have some interesting colors going on. The other three spots just make me cringe (the 'buildings' spot especially).

I also had another 'cartoon series' of spots for a catholic magazine during this time. These came out a little better than most of the work this month, although I was less than enthused with the concept. The idea was to show a piggy bank character involved in all sorts of activist activities (using the power of your pocketbook to support good causes, perhaps?). I don't like including 'text' in illustrations, but these were unavoidable, since two of the three spots involved 'protest' signs of one sort or another. The best of the bunch, I thought, was the 'planting trees' spot. The others just seemed kind of awkward to me, and I proabably put less effort into keeping them fresh and spontaneous because of that.

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