25 August 2002

Black and White

The illustration above was for my national newspaper client, and concerned a rash of carjackings taking place down in South America. Below is a similar sized black and white illustration for a different east coast newspaper, this one about teens emulating dangerous behavior they see on television.

The five illustrations above were my monthly allotment of 'health care' spots for my national newspaper client. These early spots seem to struggle with an understanding of how small these spots really are, and I frequently try to squeeze way too much information into the postage stamp size. I'm certainly glad they stuck with me long enough to figure this out.

The illustration below was for a rather unusual article in an educational publication. The story concerned invasive species, specifically a certain 'snake head fish', but why he is popping out of a computer at a professor, I really don't remember.

The piece to the right was another small spot for my national newspaper client, this one to accompany an article about dangerous 'tech stocks' that may blow up in your face (thus the grenades), but why there are horseshoes laying around, I really don't know.

Below is another fiction piece for my long time 'mystery digest' client. This was one of the 'smaller' sized illustrations that were quite common in the early years of working for this client, which later evolved into the standard 'full page' pieces that I've done for the past 5 years. This one is also unusual in the amount of white space that I used, but with the action taking place on a beach, the options were limited. The trick was to try and portray 'sand' in a close up manner with scratchboard. I ended up using a light airbrush spatter, not sure if I was entirely successful with my efforts.

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