10 August 2002


Above is an illustration for my east coast newspaper client. This was a story about family vacations. One of those fun 'busy' layouts where I can hide a lot of details throughout (my dog 'Dinky' makes a cameo appearance)

Another cartoon style illustration this month was for a children's science magazine, and a 'puzzle page' feature that I regularly contribute to. This was a rather strange and convoluted story problem, involving aliens melting the polar ice caps and giraffe buried in the sand (don't ask).

Also, this month I had another batch of 'bible stories' for a local religious organizations' curriculum. This was an ongoing 3-4 year project, and at this point in my archives, I've lost track of which particular batch of 20 or 30 drawings I was working on, so I'm going to start just picking out a couple random samples to post by way of example - below is a sample from the 'adam & eve' batch, and one from the 'noah's ark' batch.