25 July 2002

Misc Assignments

The illustration above and to the left were both for the same east coast newspaper during the month of July. The one above concerned the effect that 9/11 had on the film crews and photographers who were in New York that day. The illustration to the right concerned the new powers granted the TSA.

The illutsration below was for the same client this month. This one concerned baby research, and I was a bit nervous about this one. Babies not being my strong suit, and especially when I chose to portray the kid front and center, with forced perspective in such a large format illustration. It didn't come out too bad, but I probably could have gone a bit more stylized, and the colors (especially the background) weren't the best choice.

The piece to the right and the piece below were both for the same legal newspaper client. The piece to the right was about a couple of Washington big wigs who were under investigation at the time. I don't remember who they were, unfortunately. The piece below was on gun control, and discussed how different presidents viewed this contentious issue.

The two cartoons above were for a catholic magazine, and bookended an article about grandparents, and the photo wallets faded out behind the text to seemingly connect to the opposite side. The originals are quite a bit larger than the ones I've reproduced here.
The piece to the left is another for the same magazine in July. I usually don't like including 'text' on an illustration as a way of explaining the concept, but it was a specific request of the editors.

Another one that included 'text' in the concept was this rather straightforward illustration request for a jesuit magazine pictured below. I liked how the text was handled a little better in this one. Going through the shadow and partially hidden by the character helps integrate it into the illustration a little better and makes it a little less obvious.

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