15 March 2002

Black and White Spots

The above illustration was for my national newspaper client, and concerned the upcoming olympic games and security precautions.

The illustration at left, was for the same client, and went with an article about bookkeeping scrutiny. (these top two illustrations were actually done in February, but fit better into this posting)

Accounting scandals seemed to be in the news this month, as I had another piece for the same client about a well known firm having difficulties in the courts. (pictured below)

Another illustration for the same client is pictured to the right. This was an illustration to accompany an article about PC owners who are loyal to a fault to their troublesome computers.

The next two illustrations below were for the same client in March. The 'uncle sam' illo is no doubt something to do with tax loopholes, and I don't quite remember what the small figures running into the sunset below that was for.

The next two illustrations were both for an east coast newspaper client. The illustration to the left had to do with the oscar race, and I don't quite remember what the illustration below was about (something about Hamlet and Yorrick perhaps?)

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